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Don Landis’ letter about feeling under attack is high consciousness (Letters, Aug. 19). This is not a new phenomenon. U.S. president John Quincy Adams was more of a British agent than an American president as evidenced by his attempts to undo virtually everything Alexander Hamilton had done for the country under George Washington. 

It is under glass in Washington, D.C.—written communication between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton where Jefferson chided Hamilton for not using taxpayer money to make his own life better. He said Hamilton was making the other politicians look bad. Hamilton wrote back that he could never use taxpayer money for his personal needs.

Politics is the most venal profession on Earth. Venal means, “open to collusion and bribery.”

Doctor Joel Taylor D.C.


Crunching Numbers

Some people say our economic system is not so unequal. They think the people at the top got what they have from hard work and ingenuity. Let’s take a look.

$40,000 per year is an above-average salary in the U.S. At $40,000/yr it will take 25 years to earn $1 million. Minus $1,300/month (average U.S. rent), minus the average healthcare cost of about $9,000, minus the average cost of owning a sedan $6,354 for 25 years, without figuring in children, pets, electricity, clothing, home repairs, cable or coffee that leaves you with $308,752.

Mark Zuckerberg makes $1 million in about 4 hours. That’s $180 million/month or more than $2 billion per year. At $40,000 per month, it would take 50,000 years to earn $2 billion. Do you believe that Mark Zuckerberg works 50,000 times harder than the average worker? That seems unequal to me!

Jason Kishineff

American Canyon


  1. Publishing Jason Kishenoff with all that mathematical information reading to uncovering the preposterous is very smart Daedalus. Isn’t it past time to give the public the mathematical truth about the diameters of a virus and bacterium along with the openings in the masks? Non sequitur Daedalus. The readership needs to know the three forms of strength of the vaccines and their implications. They have been kept in the dark and so have the medical personnel. The additives some of which are dangerous need to be discussed in the open mic. Quantities need to be discussed as an 180 lb adult receives the same amount of vaccine as a 6 pound baby! This is not good medicine.

    Then there is the immune system which is Nature’s absolute best doctor that the medical monopolist do not want us to understand. The establishment of an antibody used to be considered a sign of infection even if the individual was healthy and without symptoms. Now some of the new vaccine manufacturers use the antibody as a positive sign to prove the vaccine is effective! Let us clear up all this fabrication fear Terror and Hysteria. The next biological / ecological / geological threat is likely to be much more dangerous than this… I will wait on the proper word from you editor. Each word can be very important. If the naturalist movement would have utilized the letters GMO to express genetic MUTATING organisms not modifying organisms the whole movement would have tripled in Effectiveness if not more. We need an astute Editor to work with. It is you. Each word is important as is not to take on and embarrass the Rockefeller global monopolistic illness system. They have to be corrected with Panache. Do you agree or disagree?


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