50 Years Ago

It would be suicide to mention it out loud, but large number of public officials and lawyers are shaking their heads over the cost of Marin’s drug law enforcement… When the DAB was proposed two years ago, there were fears that it would turn into an increasingly-expensive operation, arresting mainly young people for possession of marijuana, clogging the courts and having little affect on the overall drug scene. Some people… are now saying, “I told you so.”

—Pete Shattuck, July 16, 1969

40 Years Ago

The Nicaragua Interfaith Committee for Action is pleading for help for the estimated 160,000 Nicaraguan refugees fleeing their country’s civil war. The committee is asking for medical supplies and for money to purchase food. Noting that $2.50 will provide a refugee a basic survival diet for one week, the committee urges that tax-deductible checks be mailed to N.I.C.A…

Donated medical supplies will be airlifted to Honduras where many Nicaraguans have taken refuge. Particularly needed are bandages, antibiotics, painkillers, (from Bufferin to Darvon) gelatines and sprays to stop hemorrhaging, syringes, scalpel and surgical needles, mobile operating equipment, etc. — July 13, 1979

30 Years Ago

It makes you wonder if Richard Donner (director of both Lethal Weapon flicks) isn’t involved in some kind of adolescent mano-a-mano, trying to top the decibels, explosions and body counts of his summer competition. I don’t suppose we could convince Donner, Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton that Lethal Weapon 2, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Batman would have made a bundle even without the extraneous noise and gruesome killings; it is obvious that they feel the audience for summer thrillers is as deaf, as brain-dead and as stupid as their screenwriters. — Stephanie von Buchau, July 14, 1989

20 Years Ago

We have a soccer team? And they’re good? When did this happen?

The first clue I had was when I woke up Sunday morning and read the headline in my paper⁠—the U.S. won the World Cup. For the past three months or so, apparently, there’s been some international tournament going on, and our side has been doing pretty darn well. Who knew? …Reading further, I discovered this was the women’s soccer team, which explains a lot, because some of those aforementioned countries don’t give their women’s teams much support. From what I read, the Brazilian women’s team match wasn’t even televised in Brazil. And it’s hard to imagine those hooligan English fans invading some nearby country because their women’s team lost… Naturally, now that the U.S. women have won, we’re hearing how exciting the game of soccer is. My only question is, why do they continue to display the score of a soccer game in a little box on the screen when the score is always 0-0? — Stan Sinberg, July 14, 1999

Compiled by Alex T. Randolph