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Up in the Old Redwood Tree

Out on a limb in Outer Sebtown I was up on the platform in the...

Pot Shots

Marijuana musings I’m a hippie survivalist. I came of age in the late ’70s/early ’80s,...

The Graduate: Writing in degrees

Until this week, the only thing Rodney Dangerfield and I had in common was...

Genre Saves: Zombies Don’t Read

Do you know how to survive a zombie apocalypse? I don’t—despite the fact that...

Inventing a Cure for the Seasonal Blues

Who says there’s no cure for the summertime blues? I mean, besides Eddie Cochran...

Buzzed: My friends the bees

A few weeks ago I heard a strange buzzing on the driveway outside my...

My Life as a Dog

Bow-wow It’s been said that there are dog people and cat people. I’m neither. I’m...

CovaX: The final jib-jab

There’s a story behind everything we do. Case-in-point: My second Covid vaccine. I received...

Write is Might

Voice of a degeneration Like every other writer I know, I’m the voice of my...

Lucid Dreaming — It’s Not Just for Netflix, You Can Do it Too

One positive side effect of the waking nightmare of the past 12 months is...

Wine Dogs

Local pups featured in Wine Spectator Anthropologists believe the “domestication event” that led to wolves becoming...

Ferlinghetti Spaghetti

A poet prevails As regards the recent passing of poet, playwright and Beat publisher, Lawrence...

No Butts About It

Smoke-Free Marin Coalition Many readers vocalized their displeasure with the recent spate of cigarette advertising...

Craft Beer Week

Annual Cali brew cruise This much I know I love: California Craft Beer Week starts...
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