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Open Mic: Wildfire Protection Needs Improvement

By Joan Broughton You come home to find your front door open. Inside, your laptop...

Letters to the Editor: Drake Out of Fairfax

Changing Names Editors,    As a twenty-five year resident of Fairfax, I am both proud...

Letters to the Editor: Considering the Cost of the Death Penalty

I generally agree with David Dozier’s comments about the death penalty (Open Mic, Feb....

Open Mic: Finding Wings Within Uncertainty

By Marcia Singer, MSW There’s so much to feel insecure about in my 75th year....

Letters to the Editor: No More Filibusters

In his first few months as Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell has given us...

Open Mic: The $10.00 Poem

By Sandra Rae Davies My poems are great Don’t wait Until I’m famous Artists foresee A star poet So asking...

Letters to the Editor: Bad Ads and Goodbyes

Bad Ads I was extremely dismayed by your—twice now—publishing full-page ads for toxic, addictive cigarettes,...

Insta-Poet: Michael Giotis’ Instagram poetry series

Back in the day, poetry readings were intimate affairs crammed into noisy cafes replete...

Open Mic: Michael Krasny Signs Off

By E. G. Singer It is a rarity these days, to find someone who has...

The Wheel: An Under Desk Peddler Odyssey

Going nowhere fast Moss may grow fat on a rolling stone, but you can grow...

Open Mic: A Letter to North Bay Administrators

By Laurel Green Dear Principals, I am writing to put some firm, respectful pressure on you...

Open Mic: Googling the Truth

By Cliff Zyskowski Recalling a recent headline from The Washington Post, “Armed protesters alleging voter...

Open Mic: On Prop 13

By Joseph Brooke I read with interest the position offered by Mr. Burnett on the...

Giving Green: Cannabis Gifts

Two stellar companies, Kikoko and Saka, both owned and operated by women, have made...
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