Wine Country’s racist past

Sonoma, we need to talk. We need to talk about the Hanging Tree. We need to...

Windsor’s Open

Eighteen years ago, Windsor officially incorporated into a town. What’s in store as it...

‘Defund’ the Sheriff

Marin, the most orderly, low-crime county in California, should redirect the proposed $6-million-dollar Sheriff’s-budget...

Dark of Love

Does the term “Dark of Love” feel awkward to you? Most people are more...

Plastic Graduation

I hate to be the one to point this out, but environmentally speaking, our...


Because nothing “new” has come to light except the country’s excessive amount of police...

Enough is Enough

I have asked myself many times this week, when will enough be enough? How...

‘Them Belly Full’

“Them belly full, but we hungry / A hungry mob is an angry mob” Those...

Poetry as Prophecy

I’m hazy on the details, but apparently a couple of freelance astronauts parked a...

Two takeaways from these trying times

Sometimes it’s not easy to learn.      I have been a refrigeration technician for 50 years....

In Defense of G-ville

This arrived in my email a couple of weeks back: “I was dismayed to...

How staying at home is helping the planet

This is what a climate strike will look like. Because it’s not humans that...

Remembering pop icon Little Richard

Richard Penniman has departed the stage! Known as Little Richard, with his self-proclaimed moniker...

Diet and the root cause of Covid-19

The ravages of Covid-19 are with us daily. Worldwide there are over 2.5 million...
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