The Double Whammy On My Soul

This is a cautionary, and true, tale. Life is an experiment, and sometimes we...

Open Mic: The Animal Within

I finally get “Baby on Board” stickers. Twice per month, I bring my infant...

Create Calm

We live in uncertain times, especially during the past few months, which have brought...

Open Mic: Let’s Shake on It

By Bruce Stengl We must, we must, we must We must flatten the curve. It’ll be better,...

Our Better Nature

The other day I awoke with a brilliant idea. I would arrive at Trader...

No Relief

Today (March 29) is the third day since Congress passed a Covid-19 relief bill...

Open Mic: Should libraries be closed during pandemic?

No library director ever wants to close a library. It’s a heartbreaking choice, but staying closed is the right thing to do, to protect the public and our staff.

Dear Landlord

Hi. How are you? Probably you are quite concerned, as are the rest of...

Protect the Parks

Thank you for this important and critical letter Kay Wood (“Our Own Backyard,” Letters...

Saint Drogo: the patron of sheep and coffee houses

Like many of my godless generation, I know more about Marvel superheroes than I...

Sealed for your protection

Shrink-wrapped, used paperback books. It’s a thing. I spotted a rack of them in...

When Artificial Intelligence Wants Your Writing Job

I use artificial intelligence the way an amputee might use a prosthetic leg. Without...

Covering Cover Bands

The tell in this tale is the longevity of the these bands (“Running Down...

Hero & Zero

    Hero Photo ops abound when a parade of pups-in-training and working dogs from Guide Dogs...
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