Open Mic: Sonoma County Workers Deserve a Raise

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved a Living Wage Ordinance (LWO) in 2015...

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You

“The Texas state motto, begun in 1930, is ‘friendship.’ The motto, purportedly chosen because...

Pulling Together

In stressful times, we tend to fracture into warring tribes, sticking to the echo...

Open Mic: Progressive Except for Palestine

A couple of months ago we learned that the Sebastopol Living Peace Wall committee...

Letters to the Editor: Elders and Chronic Wars

Respect Elders So many cultures revere their elders; they are held in the highest regard,...

Open Mic: I Won’t Tell You ‘I Told You So’

Few, if any, individuals like to hear the words “I told you so.” This...

Letters to the Editor: Hiking Fees and Kind Strangers

Fee Hikes Rankle Recently, the City of San Rafael approved fee hikes for the public...

Open Mic: Poetry at Home

Although my house consists  of walls, floors, ceilings,  doors, windows and corners,  straight lines, right angles,  my life...

Open Mic: Make It Stop!

I live across the street from the Novato Library and the homeless encampment at...

Open Mic: Burying Power Lines

By Jonathan Greenberg As we wait, with dread, for this year’s fire season, it is...

Open Mic: Life In a No-Kill Household

By Sam Case In Marin and Sonoma, we love our wildlife—but in the wild, not...

Open Mic: Fireworks a No-No This Fourth of July

It goes without saying that fireworks and droughts do not go well together, but...

Open Mic: Why Juneteenth Belongs to All

By Reno Keoni Dono Franklin As a CA Indian, I feel a strong tie to...

Open Mic: Eden in an Eddy

By Louie Ferrera Here in Sonoma County, you don’t have to travel far or look...
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