Letters to the Editor: ‘Best’ Opinions and Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams I had a dream, a terrible, horrible dream.  In my dream, killer cop...

Letters to the Editor: Point Reyes Wilderness in Peril

Point Reyes Seashore is a national treasure in our own backyard. Every year more...

Letters to the Editor: Foppoli Faux Pas

Dear Editor, Many people and groups supported Dominic Foppoli in his 2020 mayoral campaign. This...

Letters to the Editor: Kindness During Covid in San Anselmo and Climate Empowerment in Petaluma

Kindness During Covid Yesterday I witnessed an act of compassion that lifted my heart and...

Letters to the Editor: Older Lives Matter, Too

(The Pacific Sun) listed 385 voting categories for your “Vote! 2021 Best of Marin.” Specifically,...

Letters to the Editor: A Grieving Mom

In response to your story "North Bay Teens Talk About Cannabis During Quarantine" (March...

Letters to the Editor: Forests and Homes

My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a home or loved ones...

Letters to the Editor: The Drake Discord

Dedicated to Drake As a dedicated researcher of the life of Sir Francis Drake and...

Letters to the Editor: Drake Out of Fairfax

Changing Names Editors,    As a twenty-five year resident of Fairfax, I am both proud...

Letter to the Editor: The Message in Mill Valley

I am deeply concerned with the message the Mill Valley City Council’s decision to...

Letters to the Editor: Considering the Cost of the Death Penalty

I generally agree with David Dozier’s comments about the death penalty (Open Mic, Feb....

Letters to the Editor: No More Filibusters

In his first few months as Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell has given us...

Letters to the Editor: Bad Ads and Goodbyes

Bad Ads I was extremely dismayed by your—twice now—publishing full-page ads for toxic, addictive cigarettes,...

Open Mic: Does Lynn Woolsey Deserve a Commemorative Post Office?

By Joe Manthey In December, Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) introduced legislation to rename the Petaluma...
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