Letter: ‘Of all the people who are trafficked in the world …’

Response to Letters to the Editor re: Human Trafficking Linda Witong of the Marin County...

Letter: ‘He got away with it for the first inning ….’

Deflategate has nothing on West Marin softball ... Yesterday I heard Jerry Rice interviewed. Asked...

Letter: ‘If Hell exists, they have truly won themselves a place there …’

When will the insanity end? As someone who took part in the free-speech movement at...

Letter: ‘The weather is not so muggy …’

Partly Kottke, with a slight chance of strain Mr. Cahill states in his article ...

Letter: ‘What’s wrong is …’

Maybe stopping will break their circuit ...? Quite a coincidence for me, the “Electric Avenue”...

Letter: ‘No one who knows me or Joe Breeze believes we are “bad apples” …’

As they say, ‘Plugging your book is the best revenge ...’ Carlo Gardin built a...

Letter: ‘I’ll tell you what, if someone followed me and my wife into my garage …’

From cut-off to sawed-off in 60 seconds Let me see if I understand Miss Silverstein’s...

Letter: ‘Making Father Serra a saint is like …’

Don’t mess with a missionary man ... Making Father Serra a saint is like giving...

Letter: ‘Killings everywhere were met with such outrage …’

Mock softly, and carry a big schtick Two recent events in context: North Korea was divided...

Letter: ‘So, yes, it all worked, like all great fiascos do …’

Enhanced sarcasm technique Dear Former Vice President Cheney: During recent interviews in which you were asked...

Letter: ‘Worse, the article panders to the kind of fear-mongering …’

‘Sun’ bogged down in ‘Traffic’ This week’s cover article on trafficking really sucks. Used to...

Letter: ‘White girls are not the dominant demographic …’

Whiter shade of beyond the pale After finishing “Stuck in Traffic” , I was confused...

Letter: ‘And, when I ask him how vigorously he enjoys playing with me …’

The boy who cried woof Most Sun readers likely do not know that I own...

Letter: ‘One guy, in a pink Lacoste shirt with a baseball cap stole a bag of candy …’

Not ‘top’ of the pops by any standard! I would really appreciate it if you...
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