Letter: ‘There are 25,000 adverse vaccine events reported each year.’

Here are a few undeniable realities ... In Charlie Morgan’s letter the writer says...

Letter: ‘I remember when pickup trucks only had two doors.’

As they say, keep on truckin’ ... I’m so old, I remember when pickup trucks...

Letter: ‘She made light of both the oughts.’

Ode on a Hero & Zero Did you see what she did? What she did was...

Letter: ‘Obesity rates were far lower in the 1960s and ’70s…’

What’s .8 billion between friends? Charlie Morgan’s assertion that Islam has the most followers is...

Letter: ‘All people from the continent of America are Americans.’

Yeah, but you don’t mean the Canadians, right? I would like to let Peter J....

Letter: ‘You should be far more careful in verifying claims…”

Dissing the Dirt In the most recent edition of the Pacific Sun, your Dirt Diva...

Publisher’s Note: Come grow with us

by Bob Heinen Great journalism, community involvement, a forum for sharing ideas. That’s what we...

Letter: ‘This is your year for World Series cheer!’

Ain’t ‘Casey at the Bat,’ but it’ll do... The start of each season, Your team has...

Letter: ‘Has anybody noticed that polio has all but disappeared from the U.S?’

The needle and the damage not done ... Regarding the letters about vaccinations— has anybody...

Letter: ‘… we will be protecting a fundamental right we cannot afford to lose.

You’ve got to fight, for your right ... to measles paaartay! Thank you Don Harte...

Letter: ‘You cannot have vaccination that works, yet doesn’t work …’

What, you got nothing to say about Kolker’s baseball poem that week? The grotesque level...

Publisher’s Note: The changing rays of the ‘Sun’

by Bob Heinen This week is bittersweet as we say goodbye to our Managing Editor...

Letter: ‘I saw the letter from Donald Harte about vaccines …’

I Harte quack-a-be I saw the letter from Donald Harte about vaccines and my...

Letter: ‘In the past 50 years, children are sicker than ever …’

The telltale Harte Why must you print Don Harte’s letter, which is basically just an...
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