Hero & Zero: Volunteer heroes & a lazy meter reader

Hero & Zero: Volunteer heroes & a lazy meter reader

hero and zero

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: If you’re looking for an exciting volunteer position, check out working with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in Marin. You could ride along with patrol officers, contribute in the public affairs office or help out in admin. It’s all part of their valued Senior Volunteer Program, where citizens 55 and older are given the opportunity to improve Marin’s public safety and gain an understanding of the justice system and law enforcement ethics. Applicants must be able to work a minimum of four hours per week, pass a background check, have a good driving record and complete the volunteer training program. Be a hero by joining the ranks of the Senior Volunteer Program for the CHP. For more information, contact Officer Andrew Barclay at 415/924-1100.

Zero: How lazy can a person get? A Novato meter reader decided to save time on his route by punching in false data for customers’ water usage. The North Marin Water District employee made up low figures during the summer months, reportedly on the premise that lower bills wouldn’t prompt complaints. While that worked, the staffer failed to account for the customer protests from the much higher bills received in the fall, after the actual data was calculated. Boy, this slacker created chaos. The district estimates that 15 to 20 percent of customers are affected, which will end up costing the district approximately $50K when everything is sorted out. Someone should have told that asleep-on-the-job worker that cheaters never prosper. In fact, they get fired.



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